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NEIGHBORHOOD x Medicom Toy 1000% Bearbrick


While Medicom Toy teamed up with NEIGHBORHOOD to release a collaborative 400% Bearbrick a few years ago, the two brands are back this time to unveil a larger 1000% Bearbrick. The figurine mirrors its predecessor and comes in an all-black matte color featuring NEIGHBORHOOD branding, including its skull and crossbones logo on the chest.

For the second time, Japanese collectible purveyor Medicom Toy joins forces with street fashion label NEIGHBORHOOD to reimagine their iconic Bearbrick toy in an edgy, supersized form. Four years ago, the two brands collaborated to create a 400% size Bearbrick, and the latest version mirrors its old form albeit in a larger 1000% size. This is the latest partnership from Medicom Toy, which has previously paired with high-profile names in the industry such as Disney, Star Wars and Marvel to craft simplified Bearbrick iterations of popular film and cartoon characters. A Japanese streetwear brand created by Shinsuke Takizawa, NEIGHBORHOOD is rooted in the motorcycle counterculture and the Ura-Harajuku fashion movement of Tokyo. The brand’s grungy leanings clearly manifest in the new collaborative Bearbrick, which features a striking matte black finish and transparent ears, as well as a skull and bones motif painted on the body, balancing out the toy’s endearing silhouette with a little edge.

-1000% Bear
-Neighborhood Branding
-Transparent Ears & Crown
-Movable Arms & Legs
-Extremely Limited Numbers

*Please take note that this is brand new sealed in brown box condition ,we will not liable any manufacturers/Factory defect.

How to order :

1)International order (we ship most of the country)
-Pay Via paypal

2)Local order (Singapore) - Meet-Ups or Post (Free*)

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